IRWIN Professional Toolkit

IRWIN Professional Toolkit 45pc Limited Edition


This kit includes some of the best selling, top quality trade and construction tools on the market today. This top of the range kit offers excellent value for money.


Kit comprises of:

1 x Soft Sided Toolbag 22in.

2 x XP One Handed Clamps 150mm (6in).

2 x G-Clamps 100mm (4in).

1 x Fast Cut Xpert Saw 375mm (15in).

1 x Heavy-Duty Hacksaw Frame 300mm (12in).

2 x Hacksaw Blades 300mm (12in) 24tpi.

1 x Set of MS500 Chisels 3 Piece.

1 x Folding Knife.

1 x Pro Tape Measure 8m/26ft.

1 x Bolt-Grip Bolt Removing Kit.

1 x Groovelock Water Pump Plier 250mm (10in).

1 x Combination Plier 175mm (7in).

1 x Multi-Purpose Codrless Drill Bit Set 7 Piece.

1 x 6X Wood Drilling Set 6 Piece.

1 x Vise Grip Curved Jaw Locking Pliers 250mm (10in).

1 x Vise Grip Long Nose Locking Pliers 150mm (6in).

1 x Set of T Handed Soft-Grip Hex Keys 2–10mm.

1 x 9.1/2 Block Plane.

(Part No. 1982859)XMS16TOOLKIT